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Start Something Good

This summer we want to connect hundreds of children and families with spiritual encounters that make a difference through our START SOMETHING GOOD PROJECT.

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The Start Something Good Project is our way of encouraging and mobilizing people to be actively involved in making this world a better place by bringing hope and peace to a world in need.

Practical, hands-on projects are the heart and soul of this campaign that involves people like you that want to do something significant with their life.

Join us as we put others first and share God's love, together we can make a difference in this world.

The Start Something Good Project will fund the following opportunities:

•Water Park Sunday outreach

•Kids camp

•Student camp

•Overseas Bible distribution

•Local Bible distribution by our students and children

•Summer outreach events

•Church planting outreach – (Haiti, Peru, U.S.)

•Missions Trip Preparation

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